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Typical adult bunny costumes will usually feature a pink two-piece sexy top and bottom, a pink form-fitting one-piece romper, or a pink mini dress barely covering your behind. Wrist cuffs that are pink satin accented by white fur as well as a neckband of the same spice up this lovable and sexy costume. In addition, a set of pink or white satin bunny ears also accented by fur make this a bunny sighting that your man will find irresistible. Thigh-high white sheer stockings and stiletto heels complete the look.

Who doesn't love a bunny? They are cute and cuddly and oh a lot fun to hold! Your man's heart will be doing flip-flops as they sees you hopping across the room in your bunny outfit.

Bunny outfits are a popular choice in womens intimate apparel. Not only will you appear sexy, you will even be looked at tenderly and thought of with words such as sweet, cute and hot - and all without delay! A whole lot of movement performed by you in this sexy costume will permit your man to sit back and watch your performance. They will anticipate your every move as you make your way around the room together with your bunny ears and perky yet seductive smirk. This is also of the most comfortable outfits to wear.

I did forget thing, however. The tail! Your costume is not complete without the white fluffy tail positioned perfectly in the midst of the backside. Your sweetheart will love to grab your bunny tail to see how soft it is! Be sure to shake your tail right and he'll go crazy!

Bunny costumes are great for a steamy night at home or to wear to that special adult party!

halloween costume,witch costumes halloween costume,witch costumes